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Returning to Stratomatic Blogging

Natural Stratomatic League – Seattle Pilots

Background and update

After a 7+ year time out, I’m back to blogging about Strat baseball. I am the manager of two teams, The Seattle Pilots in the Natural league and the Bellingham Bozos in the SOMISA league. I’ve been in the SOMISA league since 2003. Additionally, I’m beginning to do Strat-o-Matic season replays. I will provide updates on all of this in the upcoming days as I update my Blog to bring it current.

In the Natural League, I inherited a team last year that finished as the 3rd worst but it should be very good for the coming season. I made several big changes trading away the 3rd overall pick (Lindor? Seager? Syndergaard?) plus my 3rd round pick (#43 overall), Odorizzi, Moustakas, Suarez, Carlos Gonzalez, Detwiler, Paxton and Gyorko. In return, I received Boergarts, Cueto, Estrada, Cecil, Strop, JD Martinez, Casilla, Clippard and the 9th overall pick.

This gave me a great starting shortstop, two quality starters and three excellent relievers. With a team that was too Left handed, Gonzalez for Martinez helped balance the line-up. The hope is that pick 1.9 will yield a good player like Sano or Buxton. Pick 2.3 should yield a young starting pitcher.

The team now looks like this..

  • 1st base…       Chris Davis
  • 2nd base…      Brock Holt
  • 3rd base…       Manny Machado
  • SS ……..         Xander Boergarts
  • LF………         Andre Ethier/David Peralta
  • CF………         JD Martinez
  • RF………         Jason Heyward
  • Catcher….      Yadier Molina/Nick Hundley


Starting Pitchers

  • Johnny Cueto
  • Marco Estrada
  • J.A. Happ
  • Jason Hammel
  • John Danks



  • Aroldis Chapman
  • Pedro Strop
  • Santiago Casilla
  • Brett Cecil
  • Tyler Clippard


With the addition of the top two draft picks, it is expected that this team would win 85+ games and make the playoffs. the hope is this is a top 4 team that can compete for the championship.

More to come after the draft, unless a mega deal changes things significantly.